Lemon Mint Soda

Lemon Mint Soda

Lemon Mint Soda

Soda?!?!?  That's right, I said soda.  But I want you to think of soda in a different way.  Not that sugar loaded, artificial, mass manufactured stuff that comes in a can.  I want you to have a refreshing, light, flavorful, all natural soda that's naturally low-cal and, believe it or not, good for you.
My weekly trip to market started this one.  I found organic mint.  I stood there and stared at it until the vendor asked if he could help me with something.  I smiled, handed him a dollar and grabbed myself some fresh mint.  I've always wanted to use it in my kitchen I just wasn't sure where to begin.  The trip down the street in the summer sun had made me thirsty.  Ah HA!  Lemons, Mint, Mineral water and voila.  The perfect summer refreshment.  Any time you can work lemons into your diet, do it.  Wanna know why, check out this article.  I go through a bag of lemons a week, minimum.  Love them and with this simple, refreshing drink I think you will too.


1 organic lemon, juiced
1 sprig of organic mint
1 Tablespoon of Organic Maple Syrup (a bit more if you need it sweeter, use less over time)
8-10 Ounces Sparkling Mineral Water


Put the mint and maple syrup together in the bottom of a glass and "muddle" them together.  Don't have a muddler?  That's okay, use a wooden spoon to break up the mint leaves and release the oils.  Add the lemon juice and half the mineral water to the glass, stir well.

Fill a separate glass with ice. Pour the mixture over the ice and top off with the remaining water.  Garnish with a sprig of mint or slice of lemon.  Enjoy

Makes one serving at around 55 calories.

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